Thank you! + Q&A

You are amazing ! What a welcome the new Dream Team got. Thank you so much.

Don’t forget our celebratory sale – 15 % off the entire shop. Hurry up if you have your eyes on the Star Power stampset though. Not many left.

Aaaaand a little Q&A with questions from Facebook, e-mail, instagram and on the blog (let me know if there’s something you would like me to include 🙂 ) :

  • Q: When is the next release?
    A: The next release will be available for purchase February 4 at 9am UTC +01. Release week will begin the friday before, right here on the blog!
  • Q: How do I comment on the blog?
    A: On computer: The comment area is located on the left beside the blogpost headline. Click on “Comments” and you will be able to comment. Please note that comments will be held for moderation, so they won’t be visible right away.
    On phone: The comments are right below the headline. Click on “Comments” and do as stated above 🙂
  • Q: Do you have a newsletter?
    A: YES! Sign up in the right sidebar for newsletter. The newsletter will contain info on new releases, inspiration, info on events and much much more!
  • Q: The currency on the webshop? What is DKK?
    A: The currency used in the webshop is DKK = Danish Kroner. I am currently working on a page with a few guidelines as to how much this is in Euros, Pounds and Dollars. It’s coming soon. Otherwise I will recommend using a currency information page. The price will be displayed in your local currency (depending on your settings) when you reach PayPal checkout. I realize that it’s nice to know in advance – I will let you know as soon as the page is up.
  • Q: Can I get a tracking number for my package?
    This is my biggest wish! I really hope to find a solution. With the current shipping in the webshop you don’t get a shipping number, as it is mailed as a regular letter. The price to mail your package with a tracking number will be 275-300 DKK – current price is 35 DKK. This is a really big price difference, but if you wish to pay and get the tracking number, please send me an e-mail at and we will definetly work something out.
    Please note that I am working on a solution and hope to offer this asap.
    I apologies for the inconvenience/annoyance this may cost.

I hope this helps a bit – and stay tuned, because the first Dream Team member is up on the blog tomorrow ! And it’s with a super inspirational post !

Maria K

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