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Erica here and I’m back on the Krumpring blog with a card that’s rather epic if I may say so myself. Not just the card itself but the making of it as well. Five days on and off to colour all the bits, fussy cut everything, make fore-and-backgrounds, figure the whole shebang out and then putting it together. The pop-up card idea I had in my head turned out to be a lot more complicated to turn into reality than I first thought… BUT rather worth the effort, I’d say, now it’s all done and dusted!

In our house we call our TV room ‘the man cave’ and the craft room is ‘the woman cave’. It is actually one big, L-shaped room with the man cave in one end and the woman cave in the other so we can be together whilst still being in our separate sections, doing what we want to do. It’s a great setup and much better than when I used to have my craft room in a completely different part of the house. An extra plus is I have the bigger part of the room *insert happy cackling here* What I was getting to with this little background story is this: When I saw the sentiment ‘caveman’ in the “For My Caveman” I immediately thought I want to change the words around to stamp ‘man cave’ instead. It would be perfect for my very own caveman to open in his man cave. Clever, huh??

The first thing I did was stamp up the cave-couple and the fire and coloured them in with Copic markers. I’m not very good at skin tones with the Copics, which became very evident during the colouring, so I’m thinking of taking some colouring classes this year to improve. One of the things I adore about crafting is that there is always room for improvement and new techniques to explore and try out.

To create the illusion of a glow from an actual fire I also cut out a small circle of vellum and coloured the back of it yellow before attaching it to the back of the fire. Once I had fussy cut the cave people out I placed them close to each other, like he’s got his arm wrapped around her, and glued them together.

Something I wanted to incorporate in the card was balloons even though they were not available back in the Stone Age. I’m a rebel like that, lol! I stamped up some heart stamps from a Studio Katia stamp set and added the sentiments ‘Hot Stuff’, ‘Crazy 4U’ and ‘I’m Yours’ and coloured them in with Copics as well. These I fussy cut and added strings to attach to the back of the caveman so it looks like the balloons are floating above them, kind of like he’s about to give them to his love. Once I had all these bits done I set them aside and started working on the card base. I knew I wanted it to be a pop up card and I wasted two card bases cutting out the pop-up elements in the wrong spots or where it turned out it didn’t work… Oh, well, you live and learn. Ok, sometimes you do. Clearly I didn’t just now as it took three tries to get it somewhat right and even then, I was not 100% happy as it turned out that the pet dinosaur I wanted the cave couple to have, didn’t fit thanks to the placement of the pop-up elements. Admittedly, I decided on the dinosaur later but still, poor Dino got evicted because I couldn’t remove the fire I had already added without ripping it and potentially the pop-up piece.

My idea was that the front of the card was going to be the outside of the mountain where the cave was, and the inside of the card was going to be the inside of the cave. Basically, I wanted to cover everything but the backside of the card with mountains and cave walls. It took some trial and error to get the look right too. The mountain/front of the card I ended up coloured with Zig markers on a very textured watercolour paper. The thinking behind this was that it would make it look more natural and rocky. I drew the door and the stones around it first, then went to work on the mountain itself. Using a light grey Zig marker I coloured away until I was happy with it. There is hardly any water added to it as I didn’t want a too smooth look. The door got a ‘slab of stone’ look instead of a big rock, because my cave-couple have some sense of home decorating and darker rocks around it for a door-frame. Very ahead of their time these people indeed! I also cut out a small sign which I stamped the ‘man cave’ on to hang over the door. This piece is also coloured with Zigs but in wooden colours.

The inside of the card/the cave itself I used distress inks on a much smoother watercolour paper. Mostly greys here too and some Black Soot around the edges to make it look cave-like. The space around the fire is lighter as it would be in real life and darker out at the edges as if the light can’t reach. I also dotted Black Soot and Picket Fence with a dauber quite crudely to create a rock-like surface, with the dark and light bits being bits of rock that are either sticking out and catching the light or being crevices that are darker. My imagination was running quite high here as you might be able to catch from all this rambling!

I nearly added a sign on the inside of the cave that said ‘love cave’ but thought I’d best let the caveman keep some dignity. The balloons are sappy enough, aren’t they?

Well, before anyone starts falling asleep from reading all of this(anyone still here? Hello…?) I’d better stop. Have a great week and see you soon again!

Happy crafting from Erica

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