1 Year Anniversary Blog Hop

Hello there and welcome back for an EPIC blog hop to celebrate the new release!

We have a whole heap of awesome inspiration, GIVEAWAYS and amazing guests – check out this list:


On every stop of the way you can win a 10$ gift certificate to www.krumspringshop.com !
Leave a comment on each step on the way of the hop for 16 chances to win a 10 $ gift certificate OR the grand prize – which is a Prize Packet containing lots of Krumspring Stamps!
Giveaway ends August 23 at 12 pm Central European Time. Winners will be announced on Krumspring Blog on August 23.

Inspiration by Janni

Janni has created 2 fabulous card for the blog hop today:

Janni says: Thanks a latte – This one really makes me happy with all the colors and a latte. How cool is that background with the smooshing technic on ‘Diagonal Stripes’ stamp. I’m a huge fan! I just love latte cups, and this one has my favorite heart on it, so gorgeous.

Janni says: For my koala bear – Cuteness overload, I mean this a koala mom with baby! I created a little sunset scene, using real wood for the tree, and added a lot of green leafs.

Visit Janni on her Instagram profile and Facebook page and leave her some love.

Inspiration by Erica

Erica says: Who else is loving the newest release? *Swoon* I have adored every single release but this one, oh, I L-O-V-E it! I’ve churned out so many cards I don’t know where to start really, but being a bit of a coffee-holic *cough, cough* I decided to go with a bright and happy ‘Thank You’ card made with the Coffee Is Love stamp set.

I have a rather large collection of colourful coffee cups from Le Creuset and those colours were the inspiration for this card. Instead of colouring the actual cup itself in a vivid colour, I went with soft grey cup and bright, happy hearts and lids.

Visit Erica on her Instagram profile and Facebook page and leave her some love.

Inspiration By Sharna

Sharna says: This sweet set I decided to let the flower be the focal point. I white heat embossed it on watercolor paper and did several layers of watercolor. I used the striped background stamp to stamp an extra piece of paper to really set off the design.

Visit Sharna on her Instagram profile and leave her some love.

Are you ready to begin hopping? I cannot wait to see all the creations (I have only seen a few sneak peeks so far, so I am so giddy with excitement I almost cannot write this!)

Do not forget to comment along the way to win the grand prize or 1 of 16 gift certificates for www.krumspringshop.com

THANK YOU for stopping by, your support this past year and for being awesome.

Big hugs 🙂

[ Stamp sets used in this blogpost ]

Diagonal Stripes

Coffee Is Love

For My Koala Bear



Anniversary Release is now for sale!

The brand new release is now for sale in the webshop. Click here to jump right over 🙂 Oh wait – do not forget to check the promo here:

Aaaaand it doesn’t stop there: all the other stamps in the webshop is on sale by 20 % during the release festivities – so it is the perfect time to stock up!

Okay, so there is ONE more way to save money 😀 ha ha

There is a very limited stock on this bundle, so you might want to snatch it up quick if you have your eyes set on it 🙂


Okay, not I am done. No wait: Do not forget:

Stay tuned because later today, we have a big big blog hop with the Dream Team and some epic guests!

I hope you love these stamps and I cannot wait to see you get crafty with them 🙂


Anniversary Release Full Reveal

Hello there!
Well it has been quite a summer here – well “Summer” might be exaggerating a tiiiiiny bit. It has been the worst.summer.ever. – weatherwise…I do not even remember how the sky looks when it is blue lol.

If you have been following along our Instagram and Facebook this past week, you will have caught a few glimpses of our new release!
Our Anniversary Release none the less! I cannot believe it has been a year since I nervously launched the first 7 stampsets.

Today I am here to share the complete reveal of the 8 new stampsets that will go for sale at

August 20 at 9am Central European Time


Are you ready? We have 8 stampsets and one bundle (the bundle is very limited in stock, so if you have your eyes set on that one, you might need to be ready early!).



The bloom set contains one big Magnolia stamp and some cute sentiments that match the ones from our June Release.

Coffee is love

Confession time: I do not drink coffee, BUT I looooove the coziness of all the amazing coffee cards around social media and the Coffee Loving Cardmakers. This set works just as well for the tea lovers though!

Diagonal Stripes

Okay, this has just been a matter of time before this bad boy made it’s introduction in our geometric family. It fits American A2 sizes too.

For my koala bear

Joining the “For My…” family, these cuties are just waiting to be inked up 😉 I mean, Koalas right!?


I am so so so excited about this baby 🙂
Flamingos and elephants are by far my favourite animals – I am just so drawn to them. So this was another must for the family.

Drinks are on me

I have to credit this stamp set to my friend Signe. We were going for a walk and started brainstorming and she told me that all the happy colours would work so well with summer drinks! And these would also be perfect for New Years card – that is my hope at least 🙂 They are like a small puzzle making it possible for you to create all kinds of fun drinks !

I love your melons

Yes, I named this set after an obvious boob joke. I just could not help myself!
I love #melonentierchen on Instagram by Pepitahasenkeks and it prompted me to do this set.

Lucky ME

A giant clover in triangles for good luck and love 🙂 It is to thank you all – I feel so lucky that you have all supported me for an entire year. THANK you!

Aaaaaaand we also have a promo going for this release containing 2 surprise stamp sets – but more info on that tomorrow.

Do not forget to stay tuned for our blog hop tomorrow at 3pm Central European Time.

Thank you for reading and for all your love and support.


Krumspring does NYC

Hello there 🙂

A lot of you have asked about my big trip to NYC and if I would share some tips and must-see/do. And of course I will – it has taken me a some time to write this blogpost, but it is finally here 🙂

Beforehand I asked my wonderful friends on Instagram, if they had any tips or must see/do in NYC and of course – recommendations for crafty trips.

You can see the post and comments right here. I really loved how many chipped in with suggestions and tips. Makes me feel so grateful for our awesome crafty community.

Snapshots from our travel ( from top left corner) – airplane food, pulled pork burger at Helsinki Airport, Me at the moomin shop, Santas Official Gateway sign, me hot and sweaty after a long travel and then crazy hot weather in NYC, Jacob leaving our appartment in Denmark, Jacob at the airplane, our gate in Helsinki and our hotel lobby in NYC.

Our travel schedule over there was as follows:

  • We flew from Copenhagen Airport at 8:55 Thursday May 18 to Helsinki. We landed in Helsinki Airport at 1,5 hour later. We flew with FinnAir to Helsinki and later to New York. We did flew the direct opposite direction of New York to get to Helsinki, but we saved a bunch of money by doing so + flying with FinnAir is something I can highly recommend! Great service, space and the airplane food was good. This is my first long distance flight, and they made it an excellent one.
  • We flew from Helsinki to New York in 8 hours 40 minutes. I got terrible air-sickness on our way down, but other than that it was a smooth ride and I got to see my favourite movie “We Are The Millers” 🙂

We booked our plane tickets 2,5 months in advance via www.ticket.com. I spend a lot (like a lot a lot) time on this to get us the best deal.

Our hotel was booked 6 weeks in advance via www.hotels.com.

When we got to NYC we walked out into a wall of heat! It was 37 degrees celsius. Totally crazy!

We took the subway to the hotel. Our hotel was in MidTown, which was perfect! We walked every where and everything was closed by. We were literally right in the middle of everything.

I had my very own Spiderman join me on the trip. Every time we turned a corner he had a new Spiderman analogy.

New York City is just amazing, fascinating and a little scary. I mean – soooo many people and tall buildings! For a small Dane like me it was like walking around in a movie 🙂 So fun.

What we saw

Before we left I had made a list of what we wanted to see. I had divided it into the sections of the city based on my Lonely Planet New York City book.

We only had 5 nights/days so I thought it better to be prepared.

As a basketball girl, visiting the NBA store was a must! This is me and Shaquille O’neals shoes comparison.


  • Times Square
  • Empire State Building (more on this further down)
  • Chrysler Building
  • Rockefeller Center and Top of The Rock (more on this further down)
  • Fifth Avenue stroll
  • New York Public Library
  • Grand Central Station

Lower Manhatten and Financial District

  • The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
  • 9/11 Memorial
  • Brooklyn Bridge walk
  • Wall Street
  • If time: Free ride with the Staten Island Ferry

Upper West Side/Central Park

  • Explore and picnic in Central Park + John Lennon memorial.
  • American Museum of Natural History


  • Flatiron Building
  • Highline
  • Chinatown

And I also had a must-see stores list with me (it IS the perfect shopping city!)

  • The NBA store (I got myself some EPIC Lakers pyjamas pants)
  • Blick
  • Michaels and The Ink Pad
  • Paper Source

I had printed Coupons for Paper Source and Michaels on their websites beforehand. Do not do it too early before your trip, other wise the coupons will be outdated.


This was such an amazing store. And with great deals on Copic markers – the more you buy, the more you saved. I saved almost 40 % compared to the Danish prices. The markers were locked inside a cabinet and they had to watch me take my picks and then bring the to the cash register. It was a little unusual and made me feel like I was buying Diamonds.


I was really disappointed with the selection and did not buy anything here. It was a bit more scrapbook and planner minded.

The Ink Pad

This store is definetly worth a visit 🙂 Check out their site here: www.theinkpadnyc.com

Paper Source

IN LOVE. This store was so beautiful and had so many fun crafty, paper goodies. Including stamps and tools. I had a 10 % coupon for my entire purchase, that I had printed before we left.

Rockefeller center and Empire State building

I booked our tickets for both of these experiences online before our trip. We went to Empire State Building by day to get a good view of the entire city in the day. Since it was a clear day we could see super far. It was such a fun experience.

From Empire State Building

We went up to Top of The Rock late at night when it was dark. We decided to do it this way, so we could see the light on Empire State Building.

We saw both on the same day. When I booked our tickets for Top of The Rock, we had to choose a time for our visit and I chose 22:30. Which in hindsight might have been a little too late lol. We had been up at 6 am in the morning after our loooong trip the day before so were quite busted and jetlagged after seeing SO many things that day. Jacob had fallen asleep in our hotel room beforehand at around 21.00 I had to wake him up and tell him, that if we didn’t leave RIGHT NOW I would fall asleep on the floor and we would miss it. So we went outside and sat with a coffee and waited until it was time.

But it was SUCH an amazing experience. Definetly one of my absolute favorite of the trip.

Breathtaking, right? It was amazing.

THe Statue of liberty and ellis island

The day we went to Liberty and Ellis Island the weather had shifted. It was grey, raining a tiny bit and a little colder. Miss optimist went outside in bare arms and legs at first, but went back to get her jacket though. It was nice that it lightened up a bit with the heat.

I can recommend getting an NYC pass. We did not have this, but when we were standing in line for this + American Natural History Museum, people got a bit faster through the queue with this. I also believed they saved some money. I would definetly do this next time. We did not stand in line that long for this trip, but we did for ANHM.

This trip is amazing because of the New York skyline! I was completely in love.

We was also recommended taking a FREE boat ride with the Staten Island ferry. This would have been a great way to see the skyline, and I am a little bummed that we did not have enough time for this.

American Natural History Museum

The first time we really stood in a long queue and the rain was pouring down!

We had so much fum with this museum. Especially the Dinosaur department. We combined it with a walk in Central Park, seeing where John Lennon lived and was shot as well as hunting some Pokémons. Fun day!

I had wet shoes, socks and feet the entire day though. Must bring socks to change next time. Or maybe at least and umbrella lol.


I had to have a hot cocoa from Starbucks (I do not drink coffee)!

Well that got a bit long, and I could EASILY carry on for a few more pages lol. But I will spare you.

If anybody has any questions, please leave them in the comment section and I will do my absolute best to answer them. I am a travel newbie though, so please bear with me 🙂

And ooooone last recommendation – EAT AT WAGAMAMA when you have had too many donuts and burgers lol. It was SO good 😉

We had our best meals and Shake Shack (YUM!) and Wagamama. We chose not to spend too much money on food, but these places were DELICIOUS. Definetly visiting Wagamama in Copenhagen soon.

Next time I go there I also want to:

  • Visit Highline and go for a walk (we did not have enough time)
  • Walk through Chinatown (again – time)
  • See a Musical on Broadway (Lion Kind for example – or maybe Kinky Boots?)
  • Take a free trip with the Staten Island ferry
  • Visit Central Park when it is not raining cats and dogs, and have a little picnic

Okay, now I am done! Promise 🙂


Superhero Madness with Maria

Hello there

I have been on a fun crafting spree this week and wanted to share it with you all 🙂

The “You Pixelate Me” really has a lot of opportunities hidden inside. Plus it is super easy to line up – with or without a MISTI, so you can keep expanding your images in size. For these cards I have stamped the image several times for each – I used the MISTI since I am a monkey in doing things straight 🙂

I began by finding an image with a lot of superheroes. I used this one for several images:

Found on Pinterest – source missing.

I created 8 cards with Batman, Superman, The Hulk, Thor, Loke, Spiderman, Captain America and Ironman.

Oh my – I had SO much fun with these. When I first got going, I just could not stop again. And I am still contemplating some more designs. I mean – Wonder Woman just came out, right!?

For me these are the perfect boys/men cards. I have my own superhero who I could gift all of these to 🙂 Ha ha…

Here is a closeup of all the cards:


I think the Spiderman card i my favourite. I was just in New York last month with my boyfriend, and every single time we turned a corner, he had a Spiderman scene for me.

Captain America

The caption says “Congratulations on your day” in Danish. I did Distress Ink stripes for the background and went crazy with my Nuvo drops.


I have been wanting to do a Batman card since Keeway guest designed in March.
I used the text from “For My Caveman” and wrote bat instead of cave.


These are just my colours – and that might have been my only reason for doing this figure in the first place since I had to check with Jacob who he was 🙂
I used text from “For My Sunflower” to create the sentiment. I just handwrote Villain.


I couldn’t leave out Superman, right? Love that silkyhair 🙂 Text is also from “For My Caveman“.

Iron Man

I can’t look at this card without beginning to sing “I am IRONMAN” in my head. Awesome song. The sentiment is Happy Birthday in Danish.

The Hulk

This card ended up a little funky green, sparkle, disco-ish. But I still like it. The text is from Monkey Madness.


Nordic Mythology (wohooo Scandinavia) and Thor. I so wanted to do a lightning behind him, but I could not make it work. So instead he got some clouds lol.

Well, that was a whole bunch of cards ! And I could keep them coming – I had som much fun 🙂
I hope you enjoyed this little superhero(and villain) installment.


[ Supplies I used ]

You Pixelate Me

For My Caveman

For My Sunflower


Monkey Madness

Release 6 is now for sale + Free shipping Worldwide

Hello there!

THANK you for your warm welcomes for this new release 🙂 The release is now for sale at the webshop right here: www.krumspringshop.com .

You Are Awesome

Monkey Madness

Funky Pineapples

Awesome Triangle Wizard

And this time we have a special promotion!
If you purchase the Release 6 Stamp Bundle, you will save 10%  AND get free shipping World Wide from today and through June 10 🙂 Use Coupon “freeshipping6” at checkout and choose the option.

Stay tuned for later today, where Dream Team member Janni has an awesome post with lots of inspiration.


Hugs, Maria

Release week kick off !

Wow, I cannot believe we are kicking off release week for release 6 today! It feels a bit surreal I must admit. But in a good way.

The Dream Team has a bunch of amazing projects to share and today it is my turn!

But first, we have to find a spotlight winner! Who is the lucky winner of the new release? Well read on 😉

The new release consist of four new stampset and these are truly a labor of love. I have been so excited to share these babies with you all. So stay tuned all week for peeks, inspiration and fun with these stampsets. They will be for sale Saturday June 3 at 9am Central European Time.

And the winner is: The Paperfaerie with this card. Please e-mail info@krumspringshop.dk within 48 hours to claim your prize. Thank you to all who participated and a big congratulations to the winner 🙂
The winner has been drawn randomly from projects submitted to the blog all month, as well as everybody who has placed an order for the spotlight stampsets. 

Let’s have a party

For my first card I used the following new stampsets: Monkey Madness and Awesome Triangle Wizard.

I love balloons and even though this little fellow is waving, I think the hand gesture doubles as a holding hand.

I started by stamping the Awesome Triangle Wizard stamp with a light grey using my MISTI. I then coloured in all the triangles in a variety of blues, turquoise and light greens. Because of the MISTI I could stamp the image again on top using Versamark. For the embossing powder I used a silver. Then it was just diecutting the circle. Voila a balloon 🙂
The text and the heart on the vellum circle is also from the new Monkey Madness set. I am really excited about those little gorillas.

You are going to rule the world

We all need some girl power and a boost of confidence once in a while. I know I do for sure! Being a small business owner is something that requires patience (which I do not have) and an icey stomach.

Therefore the focus for this stampset is a mental peptalk to all. Because You are awesome and you are totally going to rule the world! I have no doubt about that.

I double stamped the doodle circle in green and added the leaves here and there. I used the Sunflower from For My Sunflower using the same stamping technique as described above, this time I used gold glitter embossing powder (I was inspired by Natalie’s project for this).

The Monkey Madness set contains this sweet little gorilla with a heart in his hands as well as a selections of texts that fit inside.

Happy birthday

And for the big finale I have a rainbow card!

The Awesome Triangle Wizard is a favourite. The stamp can be easily aligned to create bigger images because all the lines are the same thickness. So if you feel like it is too short, too narrow or you are just going big and bold – it is no problem lining this bad boy up.

The name is an old joke from Instagram which might seem a little weird 🙂 But I was asked what Krumspring meant once, and I explained, ending the sentence “I wish it meant something really cool like “awesome triangle wizard”, but unfortunately it doesn’t”. If you are ever wondering what Krumspring means – read the story here. 

I stamped the image three times on a card base and coloured it using Zig Real Color Brush Markers.

The text is from Monkey Madness and the butterfly is from Spread Your Wings.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Release 6 inspiration week. We have a ton more inspiration coming your way, so stay tuned.


[ Supplies I used additional to the release ]

Spread Your Wings

For My Sunflower

Star Power Spotlight – part 2

Are you ready for the last spotlight post for this month!?

We are currently putting a spotlight on “Star Power“.

I wanted to end this spotlight with a little story:

  • Star Power is one of the first stampsets I ever did. I created it based on a doodling video I did in February 2016 which I got a massive response for (to me it was massive at least 🙂 ). The videos couldn’t be longer at than 15 seconds at that time. You can watch it here.
    When I received my first delivery of stamps, I was just doing it because it was a big dream for me, and I just wanted to try it out. I was very nervous that it would crash and burn. I kept telling myself “This is just a hobby – I am doing it because I love stamps and have been mumbling about this for so many years”.
    When I launched the stamps on August 20, 2016 I was SO nervous. I told my boyfriend “I don’t think I can do this – can you please press ´send´for me?”. I hadn’t slept all night and actually postponed it for an additional hour, because I was so nervous.
    Well it turned out, I didn’t have any reason to be nervous. The Star Power stampset sold out within 5 hours of launching the stamps. I was completely stunned.
    This stampset is still my all time bestseller, and I am eternally grateful that took the leap!
  • This is also a big THANK you to all of you. It was YOU who purchased the stamps and therefore YOU making my dream possible. Thank you from my heart.

Well enough with the sob stories (yes I feel a little emotional) – onto the awesome cards!

20 % discount is available until May 25 at midnight CET.

And now ! Onto the cards 🙂


Jannis colour choice never disappoints. This is just the most darling shaker card.

See that used Star stamp! Janni has made SO many amazing cards with the Star Power set. I really like how she combined the text from Tou Can Do It!

Again with the colours right!? The Congratulation text is from The Necessary One.


My heart skipped a beat when I saw this. Sharna and watercolors is always a perfect combination.


As a big yellow fan – this card is perfection for me 🙂 The congratulation text is from The Necessary One.

Yes, Erica went all in again! She created three awesome cards. This card would also be perfect for New Years 🙂

I am ALWAYS in for a rainbow! Love the way Erica made the colours pop.


This was not an obvious color choice for me but I love how it turned out. I started out with being completely paralyzed by all the things I wanted to do – luckily it ended well 🙂

Do not forget the challenge / click here to go to challenge post!

  • The challenge runs until May 25 at midnight (where release week kicks off 🙂 ) and we will draw one winner who will win the entire new release for June between all spotlight challenge submissions! Wohooo! 
    If you do not already own this stampset – it is on sale by 20 % until May 24 at midnight !

Thank you so much for reading!

[ Shop Star Power here ]

Star Power

[ Shop the additional stampsets used in this post ]

The Necessary One

Tou-can do it!

You Pixelate Me Spotlight – part 2

Hello there!

This month we are changing things up a little. We will be having 3 spotlights, where we are highlighting a specific stamp set for 3 days. The Dream Team have come up with some epic cards and we hope you will have a lot of fun – read more here (including information on how to win the next release).

Do not forget that you can save 20 % on the You Pixelate Me stampset until May 18 at midnight CET 🙂

Today we have a bunch of cards highlighting the You Pixelate Me set!


I found a photo online of a pixelated version of The Good Dinosaur (have you seen the movie? It is so good!) and immideately knew I had to combine it with the Caveman stamp from For My Caveman. This is honestly one of my favourite cards ever 🙂

I hosted a stamping event in March where Tanja from HappyHillDk made this Pacman game! I just had to replicate it myself 🙂


Rosali is a genius! Micki Mouse – It’s perfect 🙂 She combined it with Star Power. Perfect cards for so many occasions and of course – children!

This is just so awesome! I love how Rosali kept the card clean and simple to really make the figure pop!

You cannot look at this card and not smile 🙂


Natalie always thinks outside the box. She says about this card: “I wanted to do something slightly different and I used the stamp as the grid lines for some hand-stitched embroidery. The possibilities are endless with this and I had lots of different design ideas before I settled on this very simple heart shape! “

If you do not already own this stampset – it is on sale by 20 % until May 18 at midnight !

Thank you for stopping by – I really hope you are enjoying this spotlight 🙂


[ Shop the stampset here ]

You Pixelate Me

Confirmation Cards with Maria

Hello there!
In Denmark May is the big months for Confirmations. That means happy teens, garden parties, church and togetherness 🙂 (Is that a word?). It’s a big deal!

My own cousin had his Confirmation May 12 – I cannot believe he is already so big. He was my favourite little buddy when he was a kid. Of course I had to create some cards for him! Both from our family and his parents requested a card for him and his friend.

Let’s get to it 🙂

For my first card I went with a Galaxy/adventure theme. I have been on a big Galaxy spree since Rosali visited and we experimented with creating different Galaxy backgrounds with different mediums. SUPER fun!

I was inspired by a card I saw on Instagram by @Irishandcraft to combine the You Make Me Fly balloon with this cute little astronaut. And it was the perfect match for my Galaxy craze 🙂 For the text I heat embossed text from Favoritsæt (danish text stamp) in white.

This is the card I made for my cousin from his parents. It is a big card – European A5. I never make cards this big, but it was a super fun challenge and I love how it turned out.

I did the sunburst background in green Distress Inks inspired by Laura Bassen and Rosali. I used four different colours, and alternated so it fitted with the 12 rooms I randomly sketched with a ruler.

For the green “sun” I used one of my favourite and most used stamps – Colourful Triangle Vibe. The text is from Konfirmand, which is the Danish Confirmation stampset I created for this season. It is sold out for now though 🙂

My last card is a combination of the first two. The balloons from You Make Me Fly and Konfirmand stampsets are the main focal point. The church is included in stampset. This card is also a big one in European A5 size.

I love making those Distress Ink clouds, but it takes me a few tries every time. So I have some extras that need some cover-up action 🙂 I rarely throw things out, because I am a big believer in the power of recycling.

I hope you are enjoying your monday and May 🙂
I will be leaving for New York thursday morning and I am SO excited!

Tomorrow another fun Spotlight will go live ! This one is super fun and contains one of our most popular stampsets.

Hugs, Maria

[ Supplies I used ]

You Make Me Fly


Colourful Triangle Vibe