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Krumspring Stamps and Shop is Closed - copy of announcement blogpost is here:

Hello there my wonderful peeps !

This is by far the hardest blogpost I have had to write. It is a combination of wonderful and sad news. I am feeling a little shaky writing this.

Sometimes life turns upside down and everything changes. Earlier this summer I found out that I am pregnant! Jacob and I are beyond thrilled, ecstatic, excited and ALL the emotions about our new adventure :)

This does mean however, that due to health related issues and a need to take extra care during this time, I have to close Krumspring Stamps down. This has been an incredibly difficult decision for me to make. Krumspring Stamps has been such a fun adventure and I am beyond grateful for all of you who have supported me during this. Thank you!

But it has also been a one-woman show and working day and night, is not a possibility right now.

The webshop will close down officially September 2nd (this Saturday) at 6pm Central European Time. The Anniversary and Birthday sale will be extended until then. So it is time to stock up!

For Danish customers I have good news: You will be able to buy Krumspring Stamps at Picturing The World, just remember that it is limited quantity, so when she sells out, she sells out :)

For international customers I urge you to visit (names are clickable links):

I will continue to share crafty stuff and create (that is my hope at least, when the smell of Copic markers doesn’t cause too much nausea anymore lol).

THANK you to the epic awesome spectacular Dream Team - if you do not already follow them all, here is a link to their Instagram accounts. Hurry over, because they create pure magic:

Thank you everybody, I hope you understand my decision and well….just thank you really. I want you all to know that I am so grateful for you. I hope you will continue to share your creations using the hashtag #krumspringstamps so I can follow along. It makes my heart so happy and full every time you share something.

Big hugs


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