Webshop is back on!

Hi peeps

The webshop is back on – with a brand new design and some AWESOME new features to make it easier for you all! Especially you international customers 🙂

Sooooo…..first of all, the new webshop design:

From this design

To this design ! Eeeeep

And second of all, a quick run through of the new features that are important to you:

    • The prices of the stamps have been permanently lowered! That is right! Due to lower production cost, it has been possible to lower the prices. Eeepp – hope this makes you all happy. But still the same awesome, high quality you know and love!
      Til jer danske kunder vil vi i en begrænset tidsperiode prismatche så I sparer momsen. Dette er dog kun for en tidsbegrænset periode, så vil momsen blive lagt oveni de nuværende priser.
    • It’s now possible to view the prices in US Dollars, Euros and Pound Sterling. In the blue sidebar, you just choose which currency you want the prices viewed in:
  • Be aware that they are guidelines, and the estimated exchange rates may vary a little bit depending on PayPals exchange rate.
  • Shipping has changed from Flat Rate to Weight based. Find an overview here.
  • It is also possible to have it shipped as a package with tracking, but note that it’s just super expensive to do that in Denmark. My apologies, I am working on finding a solution.
  • Aaaand as a little bonus info: The about page, terms and conditions and product galleries have been updated as well. You can among others, find out what “Krumspring” means on the About page.

I really hope this makes it easier for you all – I know the Danish currency have given a few of you some troubles.

To celebrate this fun new change and new design, you also get a promo code for 10 % off your entire order:

Use “celebrate” at checkout.
Expires at January 23 midnight UTC + 01 time.

Please let me know if you have any questions – I will be happy to answer them.

Big hugs


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